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Health, Safety, & Student Services

For the safety of our students, the following guidelines have been developed:


Any accidents involving any injury must be reported immediately to a teacher or the school office. This includes mishaps in the school, on the school grounds, during work experience, or on a field trip. The school will contact parents and get the medical attention that is deemed necessary.

Cold Weather Policy

On days when the weather is –40 degrees Celsius or colder, not including the wind chill, the buses will not run. Announcements will be made on the PWSD website (www.pwpsd.ca) and radio stations at 7:00 a.m. The school will remain open.

Fire Drills/Lock Downs

Students must be removed from the school or safely secured in the building in emergencies. These processes are in place, and for the safety of our students, many practice drills will occur during the year. Students are expected to cooperate fully with all procedures.


Fire regulations state that students must always wear footwear. Clean and dry your footwear upon entering the school.


Students are expected to drive in a safe, courteous manner. Student parking is on the north side of the parking lot. Student vehicles parked in the reserved parking areas or areas not designated for parking may be towed away at the student’s expense or lose parking privileges. Students who drive unsafely will be reported to the RCMP and be restricted from driving or parking on school property. Parents and students are reminded not to park in the fire lane or grass-covered areas.

Student Accident Insurance Program

Peace Wapiti School Division has a Student Accident Insurance Program that protects students and their families from some of the high injury costs of accidents. The Student Accident Insurance program provides coverage for medical, dental, disability, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance on behalf of students participating in any school activities, including student transportation and school-sanctioned events and field trips. All students are covered under the Division plan. Parents/Guardians may wish to purchase additional coverage (summertime, weekend, and other non-school days) at their own cost; information packages are available at the school.

Surveillance Cameras

Video cameras have been installed in and outside the building and recorded throughout the day. The purpose of this technology is to enhance the safety of our students and staff. 

Visitors to the School

To ensure the safety of all our students, all visitors are expected to report to the office first upon entering the school. Students wishing to bring a guest into the school must clear their request with the school administration.